Hanoi Travel FAQs

Taxi airport scams.

Our staff will wait to pick you up at the airport holding up a sign with your name on it, occasionally some taxi drivers will try to copy that name and then quickly stand far in front of our staff. On the way, he may tell you that our Noble Boutique Hotel is booked out, so he will take you directly to another hotel called a "sister of the Noble Boutique Hotel". Please don't believe him, what you should do is come inside our hotel with the correct address and meet the front desk receptionist who will take care of you. Another thing a taxi driver may do is drop you off in front of our hotel while another person quickly runs out from our hotel to tell you that the "Noble Boutique Hotel is full" and to "please follow him to a second hotel". Please don't believe in him, again you should come inside to meet our staff at the front desk. If a taxi driver tries to take your money every time you pass bridges for toll fees. Do not pay him anything as the toll fee will be included in the price and should be paid when you are inside of our hotel (to make sure you pay the accurate amount). If the taxi driver asks for additional payment upon dropping you off at the airport please do not pay him, you should call the hotel to assist you in this situation.

Fake reviews on the TripAdvisor website.

When you are looking to book your hotel please do your research, read and compare reviews from other sites such as Agoda, Booking.com or Expedia and check out reputable forums to get advice from previous hotel guests.

Additional problems you may encounter in Hanoi.

When you are looking to book your hotel please do your research, read and compare reviews from other sites such as Agoda, Booking.com or Expedia and check out reputable forums to get advice from previous hotel guests. Additional problems you may encounter in Hanoi.

Problem:You are worried you lack information about Vietnam before entering the country.

Solution:On most airlines it is very easy to find brochures, articles and books about Vietnam in the seat pockets aboard the plane. These can also be found in the airport airport after you get through customs.

Problem:What transportation should you take from the airport to the hotel and what should you pay for that?

Solution:Noi Bai Airport Taxi is a reliable company and costs just 15 USD for a 4 seat car (2010 price). As stated before wait until you arrive at the hotel to pay so you can be sure you pay the correct amount. To avoid those unexpected situation, we highly recommend you to choose the pickup service provided by hotel for your best convenience and safe.

Problem:The Vietnamese Dong has alot of zeros, which can sometimes lead to confusion when buying things. Local people may pretend to help you count money in order to take more than what you should be paying for example, instead of 10.000 VND they can take 100.000 VND.

Solution:Carefully check the number of zeros on each note never rush to pay someone. If you encounter trouble with a local, do not hesitate to call the hotel staff or a policeman.

Problem:When you are walking the streets of Hanoi, many postcard sellers may try to sell their wares to you. It normally costs 8.000 VND, they will try to take 80.000 VND

Solution:We encourage travelers to purchase cards, maps and other such items from bookshops rather than street vendors.

Problem:A person may follow a frequent traveller who knows exactly where there hotel is and claim a commission for "guiding" you there.

Solution:Speak to the receptionist and she will ask you whether you indeed needed help from him/her.

Problem:While walking around the old quarter, guests will often come by one of the small travel agent shops that are littered around Hanoi. They may promise you trips that sound like they will be excellent with train tickets that will be soft sleeper and 1st class. Whereas the reality is that you end up having much lower quality of trip than what were promised and recieve a hard sleeper instead of a soft one.

Solution:If you don't find a reliable company then just ask at your hotel, the hotel has a strong track record of reliability and honesty

Problem:Be aware for pickpockets when you go around to the market or walk around the Hoan Kiem Lake.

Solution:Our advice is to leave your valuables and extra money in the hotel safety box in your room so that even if you are pickpocketed it is not a huge loss.

Problem:When you are in the street, some women street vendors will try to follow you and invite you to take a picture with her products (i.e. A photo of you carrying baskets). You may think it's fun and free of charge but after taking pictures they will ask you to pay money.

Solution:If you still want to take photos. then 3 or 4 USD should be the maximum amount you pay.

"Fantastic location, great accommodation"

We're a family of 5 adults and we stayed at Noble Boutique Hotel at Christmas time. We couldn't fault it. The staff were very friendly and offered good advice and tips for our stay. Our rooms were lovely and clean and the beds comfortable and most importantly considering the noise outside they were very quiet! Both rooms had air con which is very necessary. The location is top notch. It's in the Old Quarter which kapows the senses. Hoan Kiem lake and the Water Puppets are approximately a 400m walk. We arranged a street food tour through the hotel which was awesome, we'd thoroughly recommend it. The breakfasts which were included in the price were really good too. Our daughter managed to lose her phone between the elevator and the floor and the staff couldn't have been more helpful in retrieving it for her and couriering it on to us. We'd thoroughly recommend staying here. Oh and we also arranged our airport transfers when we booked. Worry free!!

Sarah R


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